Chapter 5

Social Media Marketing

Organic social media is a great way to speak directly with your market and even spread messages to acquire new ones. But what about paying for advertising on these channels? What is the difference? In the most simple answer: Paid will expand your reach, deliver better analytics, and set different objectives other than social followers and engagement.

Facebook Advertising

Check out a breakdown of the different types of ads you can run on Facebook. As you may know, it is the most popular, and first, social media ad platform. It is very easy to use, however be wary of their tech support. While Google has one of the most amazing customer support for their ad buyers, Facebook’s is pretty much non-existent, so don’t expect too much help. Facebook does have a decent analytic tracking feature you can set up by activating Facebook Pixel on your website, which is a code that Facebook will give you to input into the basic code of your website pages to more accurately track the analytics of your campaign. Learn more about Facebook Pixel and how to set it up here. Tracking your analytics is extremely important in any digital marketing campaign, which you will understand more about in the final chapter (2.11) of the digital marketing course.

Yes, Facebook Advertising is very popular and often beneficial. However, do not allocate your entire marketing budget on Facebook or your results will be very limited. Pair Facebook advertising with other tactics, such as other social media platforms, organic posting, and other digital marketing tactics. And most importantly, use really good content on Facebook. Since your ads are disruptive, meaning users are not looking or searching for your brand, the content needs to be compelling or attractive to stand out amongst the millions of other advertising messages you are competing with.

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Instagram Advertising

Instagram is another popular social media platform that has turned into an effective advertising vehicle. Check out the different styles of paid ads here. Instagram is owned by Facebook, so it’s ad platform comes with many of the same pros and cons. Understand how to use Instagram organically before getting into using it as an ad platform. Similar to Facebook Advertising and search engine platforms like Google AdWords, you can create detailed campaigns with different goals, targeting criteria, budget control, ad styles, and purchasing options.

It is important to understand how the cost of these ads work, in any social or digital marketing channel, so you can properly manage your budget and set goals. Conduct basic research (Google search! Here is a decent link for starters) into each platform and begin playing around with minimal budgets to further your knowledge. Instagram ads are also display ads that are disruptive to the user, so your content needs to be visually attractive and compelling. Instagram can be an extremely useful ad platform if you have compelling enough content.

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Twitter Advertising

Twitter’s ad platform gets a pretty bad rep in the marketing industry. It is not the most user-friendly, it doesn’t create the best results, and like Facebook, has a virtually non-existent customer support. Twitter could be useful to you if it fits your market and you use compelling content advertising. Again, it is very similar to the other platforms, in that you have similar components and control, and your content is vitally important the campaign’s success.

First, here is how to get started and learn about the types of ad and control you have over Twitter for Business. Again, further your research and play with minimal budgets if you think Twitter may be a useful channel for your brand. Here is a link to begin your research. Twitter can be useful and has been proven to generate tremendous results for certain brands and campaigns, however we don’t suggest you to start your digital marketing on Twitter. If you have exhausted efforts on other platforms, or looking to expand reach to other platforms once you have mastered the more essential ones, then Twitter could be the right place to continue marketing.

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Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest has a very specific and niche market. Pinterest is best used by e-commerce shops that sell distinctive products. If that is you, then you should pay attention to Pinterest because it has the highest conversion rates of any social media platform. First, check out their website to learn the basics of how the platform works and what type of ads they run.

If you think Pinterest Ads may be right for your business, do a little research to learn about the pros and cons and uses. Here is a link to get you started. Pinterest ads are really good for exposing brand awareness, as users are 47% more likely to discover new brands on Pinterest than people. That is because people use Pinterest to look at products that interest them, and 97% of those searches don’t mention a brand.

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Youtube Advertising

YouTube may not seem like a social media platform, but it has developed into one in recent years, and it’s a great advertising vehicle if it’s the right fit for your brand, target, and objectives. Learn the basics of their platform from their words here. As you may know, YouTube ads are almost 100% video ads, with a few display to match with videos. If you already have compelling video content, or have the budget to make some, YouTube is a great place spread that content.

“There are specific creative constraints and a ton of options for this platform, and you need a base knowledge before you even scope out your next video project to make the most of the paid possibilities.” – Hubspot This is a great article to learn the pros and cons and how to use YouTube ads. YouTube is owned by Google, so many of the features are combined with Google Advertising to make for a smooth user platform if you also use AdWords. If you run digital ads, have compelling video content and a decent budget, further your research and learn how to best utilize this platform.

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Snapchat Advertising

SnapChat users are overall much younger than every other platform. If your user is young, and heavily geographically targeted, than SnapChat could be a great platform for your brand if it also fits your objectives. Check out the types of SnapChat ads available here. It is pretty affordable to run geographic SnapChat filters in certain places at specific times (unless you are trying to do it at some national event such as the Super Bowl or something.)

However, in order to get the kind of viral exposure SnapChat promotes on their discover page, it is extremely expensive. If you have a large budget and an attractive product or service for younger markets with compelling content, than SnapChat could be an excellent platform. But its user base is slowly losing to Instagram and isn’t a useful ad platform for most businesses, especially small ones.

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Takeaways from

what we have learned.

You need to know how to manage your pages to try your best to control your brand online. Think of Social Media as the new PR, but you can manage it yourself! With the evolution of social media, it has become more complex than ever for brands to control their voice and image. But it also provides the opportunity to directly reach your target and put your brand in front of them, on a device where they can potentially learn more about your brand, and even convert into customers in just a couple steps from just a single social media post. Take advantage of it and use it carefully and properly! Spend at minimum 1 hour a day on your social media presence if you are a small business. You should spend even more than that to best optimize it, and if you personally can’t, then find a solution that will help you put time into your social media strategy.


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