“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” - Seth Goldin, entrepreneur and marketing guru

Brand Story

Sandra and Agustín Precoma perfected an ice cream recipe that has been passed down for three generations. The recipe began with Agustín’s grandfather, Agustín Alvarez, who was a doctor by profession and a cook by passion. He believed that quality was important in everything he did, and as a Doctor, he also knew that everything you ate either helped or hurt your body. He wanted to create a dessert that was healthy for his family, but more importantly, good for their spirit and a way for them to feel loved. So, he created Grandfather Agustín’s Ice Cream Recipe, that is so delicious it brings a smile to your face!

Grandfather Alvarez eventually passed down the recipe to his daughter, Ana. She developed new flavors and fruit combinations with the original recipe and began selling it on a bicycle in Texcoco, Mexico.

Now, Ana’s son Agustín and his wife Sandra have continued the business and brought the family recipe from Mexico to Marion, North Carolina. With grandfather’s recipe and love, and Ana’s family business and new flavors, Artesana Ice Cream was born! Today, Artesana Ice Cream makes and sells homemade ice cream on Main Street in Downtown Marion using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

–   –

This story, before Artesana Ice Cream was even established, is their brand. However, the crafting of that story and the development of the brand’s visual and verbal identity that represents the story, is branding. Utilizing research and effectively optimizing the online presence to act as a platform for their voice is also branding. Throughout this course, you will learn the steps that Artesana Ice Cream and Roy’s Rug Shop or Donald Trump and even Coca Cola have practiced and enacted to see success with their brands.

Table of Contents

The following are the chronological chapters of the Branding course. We recommend reading carefully through each chapter in chronological order.

Chapter 1: Why & What?

“Branding differentiates a particular service provider from its competitors and makes its offerings unique”

Chapter 2: Understand Your Market

Before you even look at your brand, define your target market as finely as possible.

Chapter 3: Brand Visuals

What does your brand look like? Themes, colors, attitudes, logos, and more.

Chapter 4: Personal Branding

Branding for one please!

Chapter 5: Conclusion

What have you learned? How can you start applying it to your business or self?

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