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The Marketing Education Portal was created to spread awareness about the importance of utilizing digital marketing tactics, teach small businesses how to effectively take control of their own marketing, and benefit the Asheville business community, business owners, and the marketing industry.

Any business owner can learn how to effectively and efficiently manage the majority of their marketing strategies.

We are a local Asheville marketing firm called Dolo Digital, and we have created what we call the Marketing Education Portal (The MEP for short. We built this service to maintain the Asheville local presence and community by spreading awareness and knowledge of modern marketing tactics and strategies. The website includes educational material and free introductory marketing courses, as well as a database of local and national resources, that give local small business owners access within one source to learn the ability to manage their own marketing efforts.

All of these new technologies surfacing in the marketing industry bring a rapidly changing climate that has lead to misconceptions and lack of knowledge as to what is involved in marketing currently. One read through The MEP courses, and you should understand exactly what is involved in marketing small businesses in 2018.

So many businesses don’t prioritize their digital presence. Many either don’t have a website (60% of small businesses nationally), or have an outdated and difficult to navigate website. It is common to hear that business owners don’t know how to optimize their search engine rankings, even though organic search traffic accounted for 73% of all traffic to business services site. Social media, mobile optimized websites, search engine optimization, and digital marketing are examples all newly developed technologies that business owners need to learn how to properly utilize to compete today.

Point being, none of these modern tactics or practices are difficult or too expensive for business owners to implement themselves. Chances are, your competitors are already leveraging digital. What are you waiting for? Start learning today for free on The MEP!

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Just like The MEP, these amazing businesses, organizations and non-profits work hard every day to support the local business and economic community. They extend their support for The MEP and they collaborate with each other to make Asheville a more successful city.

About The MEP's Courses

Currently, The MEP hosts five marketing courses: Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Design, SEO, and Social Media. The courses are designed to be introductory and are supplemented with resources for those interested in advanced learning. The MEP will be updated often with fresh content, and additional courses will be added in the future. Asheville area businesses can also benefit from our Resources page where we’ve curated groups, clubs, and organizations in Asheville that can help grow your business. 

Within The MEP courses, you learn about current digital marketing tactics and trends, online branding, modern web design, social media management, search engine rankings, photography and video, industry terms and standards, data, research, and analytics, and so much more. All within in a simple, and easy to understand formality and navigation for any business owner to utilize, for free, to better manage and market their business

Care as much about your consumer as you do your products or services.

Consumers are more tech savvy than ever all across the web – from websites, to social media, Google listings, or newsletters – consumers expect brands to be interconnected and provide relevant, high-quality content. It is no longer enough to prop up a simple website, fill it with a few paragraphs and images, and trust that “if you build it, they will come.” Nowadays, your brand should exist in as many relevant digital outlets as possible to maximize your online presence. It is important to every business owner to understand digital marketing technologies and to begin updating their marketing efforts sooner rather than later. And most importantly, to learn to their consumers.

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We are constantly working on this website and improving it. We are also open to collaborations and ideas, as we want this platform to expand and evolve into more interactive and guided courses. If you are interested in what we are doing and want to contribute in anyway, we would love to talk! Whether you want to make suggestions, debate topics, or rave about the courses, you can fill out the contact form below or directly contact the editors at Dolo Digital


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