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01. Branding

First off, a brand is not a logo. It is so common to hear people refer to their brand in this way, but a logo is just one piece of the puzzle. Branding is anything and everything that represents your company to the consumer. Psychologically speaking, your brand is the emotion that a consumer feels when confronted with your company, product, or service…

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02. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an overarching term that basically describes any marketing online. And in today’s world, 90% of your marketing should be done online. It is the single most significant impact and form of marketing used today. The internet is the reason why modern marketing and branding has shifted focus directly on the consumer, because you can reach and communicate your brand directly with your target audience. It has connected the entire world…

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03. Web Design & Development

The importance of a website in 2018 probably isn’t news to you, as about 3.2 billion people around the globe have the ability to type in your businesses URL and visit your digital storefront from anywhere. While website development and design solutions, technologies, and features have grown leaps and bounds in recent years, so have the price tags for small business owners. Emerging services like SquareSpace and Wix introduced the commercialized concept of a build-it-yourself website design interface. This technology granted small businesses the power to build their website themselves for a fraction of the cost of web design agencies…

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04. Search Engine Optimization

Search engines continue to be the most prominent tool consumers rely upon to help make purchase decisions at a staggering 89% of consumers. Say you want an ice cream cone? Or you are looking for a new crew to maintain your yard? Or you’re looking for marketer to help expose and grow your company? You pull out your phone or laptop and you search in Google (or maybe you are within the 2.2% of people who use bing!) Then what? Do you scroll and research each one? Have you ever head the expression, “you could hide a dead body on the second page of Google”? You click on the first or second result for most of your research or purchase decisions…

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05. Social Media

Social Media has changed the way marketing works. It has changed the way the world communicates. For the first time, brands can actually communicate with their target or consumers directly. Before the evolution of social media and digital marketing technologies, advertising was a struggle, competing for space to get in front of your consumer. Nowadays, you can communicate with them in real-time – gauge their reactions and use real-time analytics to improve your content for better results. And most importantly, you can reach them directly and organically. Instead of reaching them through ads, social media is where you can convince your target to come to you and engage with your brand and content, freely.

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